Richmond Crab Restaurants

Visiting one of the local crab restaurants will give you a great way to sample some of the local delicacies. The menu features all types of crab as well as several other types of seafood. From jumbo lump crabs to smaller ones, you’ll find something that appeals to every palate. Whether you like it boiled or fried, there’s a crab restaurant near you that will deliver the goods. This list of Richmond crab restaurants will help you find the perfect one for your next meal.

A restaurant that offers different kinds of crabs is Crab Hero. The restaurant is famous for its Cajun style, so you can order everything from fried soft shell crab to three breeds of legs. They also offer several kinds of shrimp and fish. While the main attraction of this restaurant is the crab, many customers are drawn to the place because of the friendly service. If you have a big appetite, try one of the full-service crab platters.

The restaurant is located in an old Burger King. Its owner plans to convert the former restaurant into a new location in about three months. Another new restaurant will open in Spokane, replacing a Chinese restaurant. The owner of Yummy Crab, Lee Zhang, has five locations in four states and hopes to open in the Spokane area within three months. After opening five restaurants in four states, Yummy Crab owners saw a niche in the market for a Cajun seafood boil restaurant.