Richmond Crab Restaurants

Visiting one of the local crab restaurants will give you a great way to sample some of the local delicacies. The menu features all types of crab as well as several other types of seafood. From jumbo lump crabs to smaller ones, you’ll find something that appeals to every palate. Whether you like it boiled or fried, there’s a crab restaurant near you that will deliver the goods. This list of Richmond crab restaurants will help you find the perfect one for your next meal.

A restaurant that offers different kinds of crabs is Crab Hero. The restaurant is famous for its Cajun style, so you can order everything from fried soft shell crab to three breeds of legs. They also offer several kinds of shrimp and fish. While the main attraction of this restaurant is the crab, many customers are drawn to the place because of the friendly service. If you have a big appetite, try one of the full-service crab platters.

The restaurant is located in an old Burger King. Its owner plans to convert the former restaurant into a new location in about three months. Another new restaurant will open in Spokane, replacing a Chinese restaurant. The owner of Yummy Crab, Lee Zhang, has five locations in four states and hopes to open in the Spokane area within three months. After opening five restaurants in four states, Yummy Crab owners saw a niche in the market for a Cajun seafood boil restaurant.


Welcome to Crab Louie’s Seafood Tavern

Crab Louie’s Seafood Tavern is a historical landmark with significant events spanning 250 years.

The Midlothian area is the site of the first coal mines in Virginia, and was largely controlled by the wealthy Wooldridge family. In circa 1745, two Wooldridge brothers built this house and called it “Midlothian.” The brothers came to this country from Scotland; one from the town of East Lothian, the other from West Lothian. They compromised on the name, thus calling it “Midlothian”. The name was also given to the mines the family owned, and later to the town which grew around the property.

“Midlothian” was the private residence of Abraham S. Wooldridge, who served as a major during the “War of 1812.” His reputation for hospitality was so widely regarded, drivers using the Lynchburg-Richmond stagecoach used the home as a refreshment stop for their passengers.

The most famous resident of the house was Colonel William Wooldridge, a Civil War hero who fought with Jeb Stuart’s cavalry.

The property was inherited by the Wooldridge’s Hancock descendants. Dr. Jefferson Hancock practiced medicine in a small building behind the house, beginning somewhat of a legacy of physicians in the area. In 1893, Dr. John Bowler Fisher began his practice in the office previously used by Dr. Hancock. Dr. Fisher married Ann Elizabeth Jewett. Dr. “Willie” Morrissette, son of Margaret Jewett Fisher and step-son of Dr. Fisher, was born here in 1919. Dr. Morrissette’s practice, now called “Midlothian Family Practice,” is one of the largest in the area, housing several physicians, including son Dr. “Phillip” Morrissette.

In 1875, the property was purchased by John J. Jewett and his wife, Mary Ann Jones. Their six children were born here. They ran a popular boarding house and renamed the property “The Sycamores” because of the abundance of sycamore trees in the vicinity. The Jewett family owned the property for one hundred years.

In 1975, the home was converted into a restaurant, the “Sycamore Inn.” Surrounding acreage was developed into the Sycamore Square Village Shopping center.

In April, 1976, a tragic fire partially destroyed the east wing. The structure was rebuilt in 1977 housing “Schrafftís Crepes and Cream.” In 1981, a unique seafood restaurant was opened under the name “Crab Louie’s Seafood Tavern.”

Although this site has changed names and owners several times during the past two and a half centuries, the commitment to preserve the tradition and heritage of this establishment has not. We appreciate your patronage and hope you feel at home in our house.

Limo Rental – Arrive in Style

Whether you’re planning to celebrate your prom, a birthday, or another special occasion, a limo rental Richmond VA is the best way to arrive in style. Consider your group size, activities during the travel time, and drink plenty of water before boarding. To make the most of your experience, there are several different Richmond VA companies that offer limo rentals for hire. Read on to discover more about limo rental options in Richmond VA.

Price range of a limo rental in Richmond VA

There are several factors to consider when pricing a limo rental in Richmond VA. Prices range from as little as $270 for 8 people to as much as $950 for 20 people. However, not all limo services are created equal. Those that charge less may not necessarily provide the best service. If you’re unsure about the reliability of a limo service, consider hiring a licensed Richmond limo company. Prices are generally higher on weekends and higher on the weekday.

While the price of a limo rental in Richmond, VA can vary widely, the minimum length of time that you can hire a vehicle is usually set by the company. You may need a 5-hour minimum for evening or weekend rentals, so make sure you find out how long you’ll need your limo rental before you book. You may also want to consider the fact that the demand for limos in Richmond increases as the day goes on. Whether you need a limo for a night out or an entire day, the prices for a Richmond, VA limo rental vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

Amenities of a limo rental

When you’re looking for a luxurious car rental, a limo is a great choice. A luxury car rental is more than just transportation. These vehicles are twice the size of a normal sedan. The spacious interior and numerous amenities help make the experience as luxurious as possible. Listed below are some of the common amenities available on a limo rental. Read on to learn more. Listed below are the main amenities found in luxury limos:

Luxury limo rentals are available in many sizes, including mini coaches and large party buses. For two or four passengers, a luxury sedan limo will cost $95 to $110 per hour. More spacious party buses and motor coaches can seat anywhere from fifty to one hundred people. Prices for these vehicles start at $110 an hour and go up from there. Generally, the longer the vehicle you rent, the higher the price.

Companies offering limo rental services in Richmond VA

If you are looking for limousine rental services in Richmond, Virginia, you can contact companies that offer these services. These companies will provide professional chauffeurs and limos for your special occasion. Prices for airport transportation can vary from $95 to $500, depending on the type of service you are looking for. You can also use limo services in Richmond to get to and from the airport. There are a variety of different companies that offer these services, so you can easily find the one that meets your needs.

Many companies in Richmond offer a wide variety of limos. You can choose from vintage Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Packards, SUVs, stretch limos, and more. All vehicles are fully licensed and insured, and the staff is bilingual. You can even book limo rental in Richmond, VA online to get the best deal. The prices may vary depending on the time of day you need a limo, but they can be as low as $75.

Crab Louie Recipe

There are many versions of the famous Crab Louie salad. There are different types, each with their own unique flavor and dressing. Read on to learn the history of this dish. You might be surprised that the salad was actually invented in Louisiana. In fact, it is the oldest dish known to European settlers. The recipe for this Louisiana speciality has been around for over a thousand years! Here are some helpful tips to make your own Crab Louie salad:

Crab louie salad


The Crab Louie salad is a seafood-based salad that originated in the West Coast of the United States. Although it is now considered one of the King of Salads, the recipe dates back to the early 1900s. It is a favorite of many and has become a popular staple in restaurants and households throughout the United States. Here are some tips for making a delicious Crab Louie salad.

Crab louie dressing

Making your own Crab Louie dressing is as easy as throwing together a few ingredients. The ingredients for this famous dressing include crab meat, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and parsley. To serve, pour the dressing over a bed of lettuce and serve with crusty bread. The perfect accompaniment to this dish is a slice of grilled sourdough. The salad tastes great with a large glass of champagne!

Crab louie salad ingredients

Crab Louie salad is a classic recipe from the early 1900s. This salad is considered to be the King of salads. This recipe comes from the West Coast of the United States. The traditional ingredients for this dish include crab, onions, mayonnaise, and lettuce. The tangy mixture of ingredients makes for a refreshing meal. This salad has many great benefits. Crab is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, making it great for your heart.

History of crab louie salad

The history of Crab Louie salad is somewhat hazy. The dish was served in San Francisco as early as 1914. Its recipe is included in the book Bohemian San Francisco by Clarence E. Edwords. This book is a collection of recipes from restaurants along the West Coast, but there is no specific date for when the dish was invented. Today, crab louie is still served in some of the city’s finer establishments, such as the Davenport Hotel in Spokane Falls, Washington.

How to make crab louie salad

Shrimp and Crab Louie Salad is a classic American dish. This salad is packed with delicious seafood, topped with a creamy dressing, and is an excellent choice for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Made with mixed salad greens and shrimp, it’s the perfect choice for light lunches and dinners. To make it vegan, simply substitute the crab meat with shrimp or imitation crab. Either will work well.

Crab Louie’s Restaurant

Crab Louie’s restaurant is a West Coast tradition that was first opened by the Wooldrige brothers in 1745. The restaurant was named after its main dish, a salad called the “Crab Louie,” which is pronounced “LOO-ey.”

Crab Louie’s Restaurant was built in 1745 by the Wooldrige brothers from Scotland

The town of Midlothian, VA, is home to one of the country’s oldest restaurants and is rich in history. The town’s first coal mines were run by the wealthy Wooldridge family, who were originally from Scotland. The Wooldridges owned this property for decades and in 1745 built their first house in the town. The brothers came from two towns in Scotland, which they settled by merging the names.

Its name is based on an early 1960s rock song, which had lyrics that were nearly unintelligible. The recipe of this Northwest seafood salad has murky origins, but today it’s a popular dish in many restaurants across the country. It was a luxury during the cocktail era and was served in fancy hotels and seafood diners.

Crab Louie salad is a west coast salad

The original version of the Crab Louis salad was created by a Portland, Oregon chef in the early 1900s. It was served with iceberg lettuce, a generous portion of Dungeness crabmeat, fresh tomatoes and hard-cooked egg wedges. The Crab Louie salad is also known as the King of Salads. Its recipe is written in the book Bohemian San Francisco by Clarence E. Edwords, and is also featured in the 1910 edition of Victor Hirtzler’s cookbook.

While the original Crab Louis was created by the Palace Hotel, it is believed that Enrico Caruso ate it at a Seattle crab louie restaurant in 1904. Although Caruso never performed in Seattle, he was scheduled to open the Moore Theater. Unfortunately, it did not open on time. However, he did get to San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake.

Crab Louie is pronounced “LOO-ey”

As many versions of the dish as there are chefs, there are as many recipes for Crab Louis. This popular salad first appeared on menus of the finest West Coast restaurants during the turn of the 20th century, just after the French Revolution. It’s named for King Louis XIV, a man who enjoyed eating enormous amounts of food. One autopsy revealed that King Louis XIV’s stomach was twice the size of the average man’s.

Originally known as ‘Shrimp Louis,’ the dish has become a traditional lunch staple in traditional restaurants. Many families enjoy it on Christmas Eve. This salad is often made with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and a tangy, chili-based dressing. It also contains parsley. In recent years, the dish has been given a vintage American flavor. To see how to make this classic salad, visit the Bopratt Pinterest board and start exploring the history of this famous salad.