Crab Louie Recipe

There are many versions of the famous Crab Louie salad. There are different types, each with their own unique flavor and dressing. Read on to learn the history of this dish. You might be surprised that the salad was actually invented in Louisiana. In fact, it is the oldest dish known to European settlers. The recipe for this Louisiana speciality has been around for over a thousand years! Here are some helpful tips to make your own Crab Louie salad:

Crab louie salad


The Crab Louie salad is a seafood-based salad that originated in the West Coast of the United States. Although it is now considered one of the King of Salads, the recipe dates back to the early 1900s. It is a favorite of many and has become a popular staple in restaurants and households throughout the United States. Here are some tips for making a delicious Crab Louie salad.

Crab louie dressing

Making your own Crab Louie dressing is as easy as throwing together a few ingredients. The ingredients for this famous dressing include crab meat, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and parsley. To serve, pour the dressing over a bed of lettuce and serve with crusty bread. The perfect accompaniment to this dish is a slice of grilled sourdough. The salad tastes great with a large glass of champagne!

Crab louie salad ingredients

Crab Louie salad is a classic recipe from the early 1900s. This salad is considered to be the King of salads. This recipe comes from the West Coast of the United States. The traditional ingredients for this dish include crab, onions, mayonnaise, and lettuce. The tangy mixture of ingredients makes for a refreshing meal. This salad has many great benefits. Crab is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, making it great for your heart.

History of crab louie salad

The history of Crab Louie salad is somewhat hazy. The dish was served in San Francisco as early as 1914. Its recipe is included in the book Bohemian San Francisco by Clarence E. Edwords. This book is a collection of recipes from restaurants along the West Coast, but there is no specific date for when the dish was invented. Today, crab louie is still served in some of the city’s finer establishments, such as the Davenport Hotel in Spokane Falls, Washington.

How to make crab louie salad

Shrimp and Crab Louie Salad is a classic American dish. This salad is packed with delicious seafood, topped with a creamy dressing, and is an excellent choice for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Made with mixed salad greens and shrimp, it’s the perfect choice for light lunches and dinners. To make it vegan, simply substitute the crab meat with shrimp or imitation crab. Either will work well.